Out of episodes of The Secret Cinema? Check out Paolo's band, Lady Longhorn, whose debut EP Tangata Manu is now available on Bandcamp. Also, check out Paolo's YouTube channel for new Lady Longhorn demos and ultra lo-fi recordings from various high school bands.

EP info below:


LADY LONGHORN - Tangata manu EP

1. Volcanic Vibes [3:19]
2. Hiro's Trumpet [2:10]
3. Puna Pau [2:24]
4. Between Hello and Goodbye (The Field Mice cover) [2:25]
5. Perfect Knockoff [4:04]

vocals, guitar, drum machine & loops - Paolo Carone

all songs written by Paolo Carone, except: 
"Between Hello and Goodbye" - music and lyrics by Denise Rich, George Lyter and Michael Judson O'Hara
(publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group) 

also Paolo: album photo, production and mixing

Larry Laffee Productions #001

released June 27, 2017